Saving Throws in RavenLARP are skill checks, rather than separate attributes of your character.

Will, Reflex, Endurance:

A flat DC is used to see if a trap, poison, magic, or any of a variety of other sorts of attacks affect your character. They are used to represent the character's ability to avoid or resist the threat, such as by dodging a trap, or being able to resist the effects of a poison. For this reason, they are modified by corresponding attributes. In RavenLARP, saving throws are as follows:


Will saves saves represent the character's strength of mind and are modified by Wisdom. They made to resist mind-affecting threats such as hypnosis or spells.
To make a Will save, add your character's Wisdom score and Will skill.


Reflex saves represent the character's ability to dodge out of the way of threats and are modified by Dexterity. They are made to resist physical threats such as explosions or projectiles.
To make a Reflex save, add your character's Dexterity score and Reflex skill.


Fortitude saves represent the character's to stand up to physical punishment or attacks against their vitality and health, and are modified by Constitution. They are made to resist weakening threats such as poisons or blood loss.
To make a Fortitude save, add your character's Constitution score and Endurance skill.

Fear, Horror, Madness:

These are special saves that have to do with how your character reacts to situations well beyond his day-to-day activities. To make a Fear, Horror or Madness save, you are essentially making another Will save.


Fear saves are made against particularly frightening opponents, situations, or against powerful Fear-based spells. Many Spells, Techniques, and Special Qualities can add to your fear save. The effects of a failed Fear save typically depend on the degree of failure:
Failed by 1: You are Shaken.
Failed by 2-3: You are Frightened.
Failed by 4-5: You are Panicked.
Failed by 6+: You are Panicked. In addition, you must also make a Horror save.


Horror saves are made against things that are not so much scary as just plain disturbing. For example, you find out that your long lost love has become a vampire as you are kissing her and detect the point of her fangs, or you witness a room covered in blood and arcane glyphs. The effects of a failed Horror save often depend on the degree of failure:
Failed by 1: Minor Horror effect (Aversion, Fearstruck, Frozen, Nausea)
Failed by 2-3: Moderate Horror effect (Nightmares, Obsession, Enraged, Revulsion)
Falied by 4-5: Severe Horror effect (Fascination, Haunted, Mental Shock, System Shock)
Failed by 6+: Severe Horror effect. In addition, you must make a Madness save.


Madness saves are made against things that no mortal mind was meant to comprehend. Extremely intense Horror or Fear save failures, intentional derangement by an outside source (called “Gaslighting”), certain Spells, and a whole variety of other conditions can trigger Madness saves. The effects of a failed Madness save often depend on the degree of failure.
Failed by 1: Minor Madness Effect (Blackout, Denial, Horrified, Unhinged)
Failed by 2-3: Moderate Madness Effect (Delusions, Depression, Hallucinations, Paranoia, Phobias)
Failed by 4-5: Major Madness Effect (Amnesia, Multiple Personalities, Schizophrenia, Suicidal Thoughts)
Failed by 6+: Drop to 0 Health, falling unconscious. If you are not killed, take a Major madness effect and 1d2 damage to each attribute.