The Vistani (singular: Vistana) are a group of roving gypsies native to Ravenloft. They have generally darker complexions than the average human found in the Core, with tan to brown skin, brown to black eyes, and dark brown or black hair. They are ever so slightly larger in frame than the average human, and have sharp, hawklike features.

An ancient Vistani saying teaches that "only the Vistani are the Vistani." To the Vistani, this illustrates the fact that those who are not of true Vistani blood cannot be trusted. As such, it serves as an excellent example of the membership philosophy of the Vistani: someone not born to Vistani parents is not a Vistana. The giomorgo are half-Vistani, born of one normal human parent and one Vistana parent. While the average human often has difficulty telling one from a pure-blood Vistana, the Vistani seem to be able to tell immediately whether someone is Vistani or not merely by looking at them.

"The Vistani do what the Vistani do." This old proverb from Barovia is as fitting a description of these people as one is ever likely to need. Many believe that the Vistani have some secret goal that they slowly strive toward; others say that they have a secret so terrible that they work always to keep it hidden. If either of these is true, or if some other secret explains their mysterious behavior, no one can say. Perhaps the future will reveal the answer.

Vistani tribes travel from place to place in great wagons, called vardos. Each is headed by a man, the captain, and a woman, the raunie, who are related. These caravans serve as the only headquarters they have. This is not to say that the various tribes might not have caches of supplies, weapons, or the like scattered about Ravenloft, only that the Vistani are a nomadic people.

Of course, some say that the Vistani come from a secret land hidden away in the Mists. This place is most often called oculhogar. Most sages dismiss these claims as wishful thinking, however.

The most famous Vistana is Madame Eva, who leads the Zarovan tribe.